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5 Ways to Reward Yourself During Midterm Season

The weather has been getting much cooler and the fall foliage is starting to appear. This time of year is my personal favorite because of the irresistible urge to get cozy and warm after being in the cold. 

While the excitement for fall and the holidays is definitely present, it’s also midterm season

which can lead to the beginnings of burnout and loss of motivation. It can also be discouraging if the people around you are equally exhausted and looking for strength to pull through.

We all need to things to pick us up during a stressful and colder season. So here are 5 fun and simple ways to enjoy yourself during/after midterms:

1. Make a new “fall playlist" with some of your favorite throwback songs. 

Nostalgia can really bring back good memories and warm feelings. Personally, I also find comfort in songs that I used to be obsessed with.

2. Go to a cafe/restaurant you’ve always wanted to try out.

Pick a specific day after a midterm/busy week to go out and treat yourself. This is a great way to motivate yourself and look forward to something during a

draining week.

3. Go to Brunch! 

It’s the best of both worlds to be able to sleep in and then have a nice meal,

whether sweet or savory. There are also tons of really delicious brunch places all around Philly, each bringing something different to the table. 

4. Have a cozy night-in with friends! 

Light your favorite candles, bake some cookies, and make tea or hot chocolate. It can be the perfect time to relax, catch up or watch a throwback movie together. 

5. Have a Bob Ross paint night (fall-themed)! 

A guided painting sesh is not only stress free but is also a creative way to relax. You also might just unlock your inner artist with some happy little trees.

This blog post was written by Irene Bak, General Body Member.

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