Tyler Blanchard is a sophomore at Temple University and is majoring in public relations. Temple was his first choice because of its public relations program and its location in Philadelphia with lots of sights and opportunities. In public relations, Tyler strives to focus on making social injustices known to people around the world. Once things return to normal he looks forward to doing activities around campus and attending sporting events. Currently, he is the co-director of the community service committee in Temple PRSSA. Volunteering often at the local soup kitchen gave him an interest in charity and volunteer work. Finding an internship at a PR firm is something he hopes to achieve during his time in college to gain experience in PR. He graduated from Branford High School with honors and was the school’s mascot at home football games for two years. During his time at BHS, he studied graphic design, photography, and web design. He has catered for Chestnut Fine Foods, at weddings and parties; setting up, cleaning, serving food, and helping customers. In his free time, he enjoys building models, exploring the city, and meeting new people. After college, he plans to pursue a career as a PR specialist for a charity organization and to continue to improve his photography and graphic design skills.