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Meet the Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Hannah Poor - keynote.jpg

Hannah Poor

Science Network Outreach Coordinator

Union of Concerned Scientists  

Sanjali De Silva.jpeg

Sanjali De Silva

Communications Officer

Union of Concerned Scientists  

Roger Stephenson.jpeg

Roger Stephenson

NE Regional Director for Advocacy

Union of Concerned Scientists  

Environmental Sustainability


Sin Gogolak

Director of Public Relations and Communications

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Grace Savage.jpg

Grace Savage

Public Relations Coordinator

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Social Sustainability

Kathleen Webber.jpg

Kathleen Weber

ESG Professional

Carpenter Technologies 

Haniya Shariff .jpg

Haniya Shariff 

Corporate Communications Specialist


Hannah Blank.jpg

Hannah Blank

External Communications Specialist 


Jeanie Davey.jpg

Jeanie Davey

Communications Specialist

NRG Energy

Human Sustainability

Rebecca Collins.jpg

Rebecca Collins 

Director of Sustainability

TU Office of Sustainability 

Ann Pinkerton .jpg

Lisa Ann Pinkerton


Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

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