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Temple’s PRSSA Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month Recap

In the activity, Who are YOU?, we had our members break out into three groups. This icebreaker will allow us to get to know each other more, but also reflect on our own privilege and backgrounds. They were instructed to write down on a piece of paper what makes them who they are, then within their group they brainstorm in two columns their similarities and differences among all the group members. Through the key in the below image, they colored in a cloud with colors that represent their group. It was a great activity for our members to understand themselves, understand each other, and understand our privileges as individuals.

Next month, the DEI committee will host another DEI workshop to further dive into our identities within the Public Relations/Communication realm, discuss how this plays in today’s world, as well as host a Disability Employment Awareness workshop and possible speaker panel. Our Public Relations chapter looks forward to more workshops and speaker panels discussing the importance of DEI work, and spotlighting often overlooked communities through community service and expanded knowledge.

This blog post was written by Khalia Horton, Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

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