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Summertime is the Time

By: Morgan Kruczek, Treasurer

Summer is the time to have your toes in the sand, ocean breeze in your hair, and not a care in the world. Those were my intentions as I ended my semester until my inbox lit up with an email from WFMZ-TV 69 News. The company offered me a spot as one of their news interns for the summer! I am interning two days a week from 9:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. The days are jam-packed with wonderful opportunities! I get to go out into the field with reporters and photographers covering different stories around the area, create packages, write voice-overs for the evening newscasts, expand my knowledge of producing a newscast, and I’m able to sit in the control room and newsroom observing the live shows. My life couldn’t get any better than this, until I received another email from another internship I applied for for a summer position. This is crazy, right?! I couldn’t believe it! I ended up accepting a second internship at ASR Media Productions in Bethlehem, PA near Steel Stacks. I work there two days a week as well. At this internship, I get to edit short segments for their shows and go out on shoots throughout the area.

These internships keep me very busy, but I am getting a great amount of hands-on experience and learning more and more every day I step into the office. If you thought handling two internships were a lot, you are sadly mistaken. On top of the internships, I also work as a server at Red Robin in Quakertown, PA on the weekends and hangout with my family and friends from home. The lack of sleep can be a lot sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade these summer experiences for the world.

After working these 12 crazy weeks, I am finishing up my summer with a family vacation to Hawaii! I am very excited! I have never been to Hawaii before and we are going for two whole weeks. We plan on hiking volcanoes, snorkeling with turtles and other fish, walking through a huge sunflower field, laying on the beach, learning to surf, visiting Pearl Harbor, tasting their delicious food, and enjoying their amazing waterfalls. This is a much-needed trip, which will happen right before I go back to school for the fall semester of my senior year. It’s sad because I have one year left at this amazing university, but also exciting because I am graduating and starting off in the real world.

So far, this summer has been a fun and exciting rollercoaster ride with ups and downs and I can’t wait to tackle more of it in the upcoming months. Now, off to the next adventure!

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