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Six Ways to Get Back into a Routine for the School Year

It’s the second week of the fall semester, and it’s the second week of being back to school in person. While online school and in-person school are pretty similar, they do have their differences too - which takes some getting used to after being online for over two semesters. If you’re feeling stuck or worried about going back to in-person classes (or it’s your first time having in-person classes at college), here are six ways to get into, or get back into, a routine.

1. Start getting up earlier - and then go to bed just a bit earlier. This will get you into a sleep routine, which is the most important thing!

2. Look at your syllabus and plan out when you’re going to do what assignment for which class.

3. Set goals for yourself for the week. This will get you motivated to do more throughout the week and make you feel productive!

4. You might get distracted if you do work from your room. Try switching up the location so you can be more productive and get more work done. I usually like to go to the TECH Center or the library to do homework.

5. Make your routine fun! Throw some things you really enjoy doing into your routine, or you can even take up a new hobby and incorporate that into your routine!

6.Don’t be too hard on yourself if something doesn’t go your way. We’re all human; everyone makes mistakes. Pick yourself back up and try again, and if it takes longer than expected, that’s okay too.

Routines take awhile to get adjusted to, but hey, you have fourteen weeks to get adjusted into everything this fall semester. I believe in you, and I know you can do it!

This blog post was written by Christina Billie, President.

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