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Rejection is Okay

By: Morgan Kruczek, Treasurer

It’s not fun hearing or reading the words…“We appreciate your interest in our company, but we decided to go with someone else.” Those fifteen words are always the worst to hear when you tried so hard to get your dream internship. Rejection is the worst. It makes you want to curl up in a ball with a gallon of ice cream and cry. But, I’m here to tell you…rejection is okay! Taking your second option is okay! Here are three tips to keep in mind when taking the second option'

You Second Option is Still Experience

Even though you didn’t get your dream internship, you still get experience from the internship you did accept. This internship can teach you the basis of what you want to do and give you some experience giving you a leg up on your competition for the next internship you apply for.

Improve Through Feedback

Ask your current boss for feedback on how you are doing in your current position. Your boss can tell you what you’re doing well and what you need to improve. Constructive criticism helps you become more prepared to start in this business and is another way to help you attain your dream internship.

 Rejection Doesn’t Mean End the Relationship

Even if you didn’t get the internship you wanted, you can still keep in touch with the recruiter. Tell the recruiter what you have been up to, what courses you’re taking at school, and how you plan on applying again for their internship. This shows your perseverance and humility and will help the recruiter to keep you in mind for the next time.

Building a relationship with your current boss at your current internship is another great step. Your boss is in the business and connects with many people in the industry. Your boss could very well know the recruiter at the company you’ve been trying to get an internship at. They could give a positive recommendation about you to the recruiter. This is another advantage which can get you closer to that dream internship.

Rejection is okay. It can sting at first, but when one door closes another one opens. Taking your second option may seem like a setback, but this setback can help you build up your skills and connections. Every little step of the way counts and can help you reach your goal of getting the internship at your dream company.

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