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Our Last Meeting

Top Row- Neil Egan, Brianna Grecco, Christina Borst & Lauren Marhefka Bottom Row- Cameron O’Donnell, Shania Genwright & Vittoria Ciotti.

On Tuesday, December 5th, members met for our final chapter meeting of the fall 2017 semester. Together, the executive board and general body members celebrated the end of the semester with holiday candy and member awards. The latest version of our chapter’s newsletter, The Owl Practitioner was also presented at the final meeting. Members were able to look at a hard copy of the newsletter and celebrate each others’ pieces of writing.

It is a tradition to present members with awards for their outstanding achievement in our chapter and within the community. President Marissa Piffer and committee heads Jeremy Rives, Joei DeCarlo and Lauren Marhefka presented awards to those being recognized. The awards ranged from recognition such as “Social Media Star” and “Networking Navigator” for demonstrating efforts in social media activity and networking with others, to “STAR Member” and “Mentor/Mentee Pair”.

Congrats to the following Temple PRSSA members on their awards!

  • STAR Member (1st Place)– Christina Borst

  • STAR Member (2nd Place)– Vittoria Fani Ciotti

  • STAR Member (3rd Place)– Shania Genwright

  • Outstanding New Member-Vittoria Fani Ciotti

  • Outstanding PR Committee Member– Christina Borst

  • Outstanding Fundraising & Community Service Member– Alee DeRenzo

  • Outstanding Newsletter Committee Member– Brianna Greco

  • Networking Navigator– Max Simons

  • Social Media Star– Valentina Wrisley

  • Most Enthusiastic Learner– Neil Egan

  • Ray of Sunshine– Cameron O’Donnell

  • Best Mentor/Mentee Pair– Lauren Marhefka & Jojo Ure

Thank you to all members for their hard work and participation in our chapter. We hope you have a great break!

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