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Membership Spotlight: Sydneé Carter

The membership spotlight for this week is Sydneé Carter! She stood out so much this semester. Here is a Q & A with her!

Q: Where are you from? What is your major/minor?

A: Prince George's County, Maryland; Communication Studies major and Public Relations minor

Q: How long have you been a member of PRSSA?

A: I have been a member for one semester  Q: Why do you love PRSSA? What do you hope to get out of it?

A: I love PRSSA because it gives me the opportunity the gain hands-on experience in the PR field. I love getting to learn from other students and working closely with our faculty. I hope to gain life long connections.  Q: What committee are you a part of? What have you done with this committee?

A: I am apart of the Fundraising Committee. I have been a part of the planning and execution of numerous successful fundraisers that help our chapter! Q: What PRSSA events have you participated in?

A: HAATBP, Mentorship Events, Fundraising Events Q: What other TU organizations are you a part of?

A: PRowl Public Relations, TUBPRS, Temple Football (Student Recruiter), Temple Athletics (Marketing Intern) Q: Coolest place you’ve ever traveled to?

A: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Q: Favorite social media platform and why?

A: Twitter is my favorite social media platform because you can post words and/or pictures with a limited amount of characters so you have to be cleaver when coming up with your tweets. Also, Twitter has the best memes.   Q: Dream job?

A: I am only a sophomore, so I am still trying to decide but it will most likely be in the sports industry. 

This blog post was written by Christina Billie, Digital Publications Editor and Sydneé Carter, General Body Member.

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