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How to Come Out of a Failure

Last year turned down by two programs I thought were essential for me to thrive at Temple. Nothing was more disheartening than getting two “Thank you for applying, but…” emails in the same week. Though it felt like a shot in the stomach, I’ve finally released myself from the pain of the situation and can see it all from the outside. Here’s what I learned and what to keep in mind when you get denied.

1. It happens to everyone

Even the most successful people we read about in our textbooks have gotten denied from something -- and many of them talk about it! People typically own their failures because they somehow got them to their success. Why are you any different?

2. It doesn’t mean you aren’t capable

Being hired for a job is about far more than just tactical skills. Most jobs won’t even interview you or take you further in a process if they can tell you aren’t capable of the work. Many jobs see if you fit their office culture and focus on your personality. Maybe they have someone who fits your energy or they are looking for something else. That part of the hiring process is very subjective so you can’t let a silly thing like that get in your head.

3. You decide how it affects you

As with most things, you decide how you react. Sure, how you feel isn’t really up to you. You can’t just tell yourself not to be sad. However, you decide your next course of action. If you decide to let it consume you and fall in self-pity, that’s on you. If you choose to pick yourself up and try again, that’s all your doing and definitely the best course of action to take. Failure will happen. How you react is uncertain.

4. There is always something else

There isn’t only one job or one employer that will work for you. It can be very hard when you get denied from something you get really excited about or has always been your dream job. Trust that there’s another brighter path ahead of you. Apply to other places that may lead you up to an employer you dream of working with. You may end up changing your dreams.

Job hunting is really hard; and denial is even harder. It’s inevitable that we will get denied from something, so think about what you want to do if that happens. Plan out your options and build strength that will get you through a disappointment. Every challenge teaches you something new. 

This blog post was written by Kyra Beckish, Director of Community Service.

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