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  • Drew Lindenbaum

Getting the Most Out of PRSSA

PRSSA is an excellent opportunity for any major to hone their skills in writing, networking, public relations and communications. Joining PRSSA is a great way to prepare yourself for a professional career in public relations and communications, and a great way to learn more about leadership and mentorship. Whether being a general body member, committee member, or getting involved in leadership, PRSSA is a fantastic way to step out of your comfort zone and to take strides in transitioning into a professional. Since PRSSA is a dues-paying organization, getting the most out of the membership is recommended. Here are different ways you can get the most out of being a member of PRSSA:

Join a Committee

Joining a committee is a great way to get more hands-on experience in PRSSA. Throughout the semester PRSSA gives students access to five different committees: fundraising, public relations, community service, social media/digital publication, and diversity and inclusion. Committee meetings give members the chance to be creative, network with others, and learn more about a specific topic.

Attend PRSSA Workshops

PRSSA holds several workshops over the semester to give members the opportunity to hone their professional skills. Workshops that PRSSA has held in the past include workshops for LinkedIn, ethics, and for creating resumes.

PRSSA Mentorship Program

PRSSA offers a mentorship program that matches lowerclassmen mentees with upperclassmen mentors. This program is excellent for getting comfortable with people in PRSSA and learning more about the right things to do as a public relations or communications student. Having a mentor can be a big confidence booster and can be a great resource to use when you feel unsure about college or your career. Also, the relationship you form with your mentor/mentee has the potential to continue after the mentorship program ends.

Opportunity to Apply for PRowl

If you are a dues-paying member of PRSSA, this grants you the opportunity to gain more public relations focused experience with Temple’s student run public relations firm, PRowl. PRowl is a fantastic experience for anyone wanting more public relations or communications focused work.

Join PRSSA Executive Board

Joining PRSSA’s executive board is a great way to get more involved in PRSSA and experience with leadership. Some members of PRSSA’s executive board also have the opportunity to lead one of the five committees the organization offers.

Becoming a member of PRSSA opens the door to a diverse and large group of people who want to be your friend and connect with you professionally. Especially for freshmen and sophomores, PRSSA can be a fantastic place to meet other like-minded people within your major or your interests.

This blog post was written by Drew Lindenbaum, Director of Fundraising.

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