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  • Emma Ziegenfus

Five Reasons Why You Should Join Greek Life at Temple University

Whether it’s your first year at Temple or you’re considering formal recruitment in the Spring, it’s hard to know whether joining Greek life is for you. So, as a Greek life member at Temple, I am here to help! Here are five reasons why you should consider recruitment this Spring and join Greek life here.

1. Tons of Organizations to Choose From

Temple University has 35 recognized fraternities and sororities. Therefore, there are tons of ways to explore Greek life! You don’t need to worry about finding an organization you connect with.

2. Life-Long Friendships

Joining a fraternity or sorority is basically like joining a huge loving family! You will meet so many sisters or brothers depending on which you join. In addition, you will be connected to alumni and other schools’ chapters. There are an endless amount of friendships and bonds to make that could last beyond your years as a student.

3. Philanthropy

All sororities and fraternities dedicate themselves to their own philanthropy. Additionally, they participate in service projects, fundraising events, all around the Philadelphia area. These events are fun for all and what’s even better is it’s for a great cause!

4. Leadership Opportunities

There are numerous leadership opportunities that come with being in Greek life! Some of these positions include president, philanthropy chair, social chair, formal chair, programmer, risk chair, etc. Those are just many of the few ways to gain leadership skills while in Greek life!

5. Social Activities

There is an infinite amount of fun that comes with joining Greek life at Temple! Whether it’s social events with another student organization, philanthropy events, or formals, you are bound to make amazing memories. The social activities allow you to meet other people, get involved on campus, and make meaningful connections.

I hope these five reasons help you consider if Greek life is for you. It doesn’t hurt trying out for Spring recruitment, you may just find your home away from home!

This blog post was written by Emma Ziegenfus, Digital Committee Member.

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