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Commuting: How To Handle It

This school year, I started commuting to school rather than living on campus. This was a huge transition for me. I was so used to waking up late, being able to hang out with friends, and not having to worry about being home at a reasonable hour so I could get homework done. All I could think about at the beginning of the semester was how I was going to handle going to school five days every week with 15 credits, plus working on the weekends, plus staying involved.

Somehow, someway, I managed to get this far into the semester with mostly A's in my classes with all of this on top of me. If you're a commuter (or you're thinking about commuting in the future), and you aren't sure how you're going to manage all of this, here are 4 ways that I'm able to do it, and hopefully, it'll help you out.

1. Keep a planner

Having a planner has really helped me out this year. With it, I write down all of my homework throughout the week, and I plan which days I'm going to do what. I do this so that way I don't feel too overwhelmed. Do homework for two or three classes every day, so it's not too overwhelming.

I also try my best to not do homework over the weekends, unless I really have to. That is the time where I relax--until I have to go to work. I try my best to get all of my homework done Monday through Friday so my weekend is free to practice self-care before going to work.

2. Plan your classes accordingly

If you know when you have a club meeting, plan your classes around that. For example, if you have PRSSA at 3:30, try not to schedule a 3:30-4:50 class so you can make it to meetings!

If you can, try to plan your classes later in the day rather than earlier. This semester, my earliest class is at 10 AM on Monday-Wednesday-Friday, and 11 AM on Tuesday-Thursday. The MWF class is also my only class on those days, so I get to go home and do homework afterward. Also, invest in online classes! You won't have to spend as much time on campus this way!

3. Try getting to campus early!

Even though my classes don't start until 10 or 11 AM, I usually get to campus by between 8-9 AM. I do this so I can get work done. I mainly use this time to get work done for the student organizations I'm a part of. I get my Odyssey article ideas and Digital Committee ideas from getting to school early and sitting in the TECH Center! Although you have to get up early to get to campus, it'll all be worth it.

4. Drink plenty of caffeine

In the early hours of the morning, you're going to be tired, and your tiredness will only progress as the day goes on. The answer to this is simple: caffeine! I personally have been drinking matcha a lot, which is a great source of caffeine (I highly recommend the Big Mood matcha drink from Saxbys). It has less caffeine than a cup of coffee, but it keeps you alert throughout the day!

If matcha isn't your cup of tea (pun intended), go treat yourself to a cup of coffee. You're going to need it to get through your long day.

This blog post was written by Christina Billie, Digital Publications Editor.

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