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Alumni Spotlight: Marianna Morris

Marianna Morris, a Senior Client Engagement Manager at Seer Interactive gives her perspective on the impact college has on your future.

Graduating from Temple University in January 2014 with a degree in strategic communications and public relations, Marianna Morris fully advocates for the credibility of Temple’s PRSSA chapter.

During her time at Temple, she held leadership positions on the executive board for PRSSA, and an assistant firm director (AFD) role for Temple’s PRowl Public Relations.

Marianna believes that the single, most valuable takeaway from her experience at Temple in PRSSA and PRowl was developing her own definition and sense of accountability.

“From the beginning we were instilled with responsibilities from managing the blog, organizing guest speakers, planning events, etc. That was an invaluable, transferable skill in my professional life,” Morris recalled.

As an AFD for PRowl, Morris had the responsibility of supervising account managers across several accounts, becoming the liaison between the student-run agency and their clients.

Morris explained that her level of engagement within PRSSA provided her opportunities she wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. She emphasized the significance of attending conferences for students interested in PR and how it eventually landed her a job waiting for her prior to graduation.

Since she graduated six years ago, there have been a lot of culture changes within PR. However, Morris stressed that despite its modified appearance, and constantly evolving technology, the act of building strong relationships with others has always been, and always will be the staple of PR.

This blog post was written by Johanna Stubenhofer, Digital Committee Member.

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