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A Summer Abroad

By: Jeremy Rives, Secretary

I have always wanted to visit the United Kingdom, and I am thrilled I have the opportunity to study abroad in London for five weeks. Over the course of five weeks, I hope to explore the city of London and soak in as much of the British culture as possible. I am fascinated by the rich history of England, the artifacts, castles, and buildings, which are so well-preserved or so I have heard.

I would love to meet local London residents to learn what they do in their day-to-day lives. I find it interesting to compare American culture to Great Britain, and find so many similarities and differences. I would also like to discover how the people of England feel about American politics, and the new president of the United States. Some people may not care and others might have strong opinions, but I think understanding an outsider’s viewpoint of the American political system would be quite fascinating.

I had my doubts about studying abroad, rather than applying for an internship this summer, but I believe the experiences I am going to have on my trip abroad will help me in my future career as a public relations professional. My experience abroad is a talking point for employers, and can broaden my network with professionals in another country.

Lastly, I hope to learn about British mass media and communication. I am a strategic communication major, and want to learn about a foreign media system. It will be interesting to uncover whether or not British media has extreme biases like American media, and if that affects British citizens’ views on the media, positive or negative. I can’t wait to share my experiences on my blog, and all the fascinating things I will learn on my trip.

To hear more about my experiences, feel free to check out my blog at

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