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A Highlight from My Experience at PRSA’S National Conference ICON

From Monday, October 26 to Thursday, October 29, I was lucky enough to attend the Public Relations Student Society of America’s (PRSSA) national conference, ICON. I represented the Temple PRSSA chapter as the Director of Public Relations, and PRowl Public Relations, Temple’s student-run public relations firm. ICON was an exciting event meant for leaders, professional communicators, students, and educators of all backgrounds to come together and share their expertise. Although the conference was supposed to take place in-person and in Nashville, Tennessee, for PRSA’s first time hosting the conference digitally, it was an absolute success!

One of the webinars I attended at the conference that really stood out to me was “The Future is Now: Recruiting, Retaining and Developing Future PR Leaders From Millennials to Gen Z.” The webinar was hosted by the Communications Coordinator at Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, Landis Tindell, and Associate Public Relations Professor at Wichita State University in Kansas, Eric Wilson. Their presentation was designed to teach employers how to engage with young employees. Specifically, those who are millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) and those who are Generation Z (born between 1996 and ?). The question mark in the age range for Generation Z represents an unknown end to the generation.

As defined by Tindell and Wilson’s research and presentation, the following are some characteristics that Millennials and Generation Z are looking for in a professional setting from their higher-ups and advisors:

  • Communicators are creative and surprising

  • Appreciate good design

  • Embrace innovation and flexibility

  • Embrace innovation and flexibility

  • Visual multi-media and “snackable” bits of information at a time

  • Exclusive experiences

If you identify as a Millennial or a part of Gen Z, do you agree or disagree?

As someone who is a part of Generation Z, I feel these statements are accurate. As I develop the start of my professional career in public relations, I hope to continue to learn, and lead the way working in innovative and flexible environments. I am proud to identify with Generation Z.

Thank you ICON for allowing me to experience such a wonderful week with great professionals in the world of communications!

This blog post was written by Director of Public Relations, Alexis Levant.

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