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2023 PRSSA Mid-Atlantic District Conference “PRacticing Sustainability” Schedule 

Sunday, April 16, 9:30-3:30

9:30 am: Check in 

9:45 am: Opening remarks 

10:00 am: Session 1 

              Speaker: Grace Savage and Sin Gogolak, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

10:30am: Session 2 

             Speaker: Rebecca Collins, Temple University’s Office of Sustainability

11:00 am: Session 3 

             Speaker: Jeanie Davey, NRG

11:30 am: Session 4

             Speaker: Lisa Ann Pinkerton, Women in Clean Tech and Sustainability

12:00 pm: Lunch

1:00 pm: Session 5 Keynote 

            Speaker: Hannah Poor, Sanjali De Silva, and Roger Stephenson, Union of Concerned Scientists

1:30 pm: Session 6

            Speaker: Kathleen Webber, Carpenter Technologies

2:00 pm: Session 7

            Speaker: Hannah Blank, Aramark

2:30 pm: Session 8

           Speaker: Haniya Shariff, Radian

3:00 pm: Session 9 Leadership Summit

           Speaker: Mary Kate Hale, PRSSA National

3:30 pm: Closing Remarks


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